Figura professionale: Ingegnere Aerospaziale

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Ingegnere Aerospaziale


Ricercatore nel campo dei materiali per l'istituto nazionale di fisica nucleare 

Passionate about space engineering, physics and scientific research. I wonder to
apply my knowledge in engineering and physics for technological development of a
company or for an advanced research center. Actually, I’m working as researcher
inside the Surface and Material Laboratory of INFN for my Ph.D. in Accelerator Physics.

Attitude to problem solving, Believer in hard work, Leadership, Flexibility, Results
orientation, Teamwork attitude, Brainstorming, Patient, Collaborative

> English: Fluent written and spoken, B2 level with Cambridge ESOL Certification (FCE
and PET) and Trinity College ESOL Certificate
> Italian: native language
> MATLAB and Simulink programming and deep knowledge
> Experienced use of Microsoft Office 365
> Experienced use of the main browsers
> LATEX use and medium knowledge
> ORIGIN and IGOR Pro software use and medium knowledge
> Fortran and C++ use and basic knowledge
> CATIA 3D use and basic knowledge

November 2019 – Today
INFN LNF (Frascati National Laboratories)
Material Science and Surface Physics Researcher
> I’m working as Ph. D. Student in an advanced Physics laboratory. I increased the
knowledge acquired in my internship and use it for my personal scientific project.
I gain also deep knowledge in installation, manteinance and experienced use of all
mechanical and electronical devices of the lab including practical work in material
treatments and samples preparation. Involved in team works for accelerators’
feasibility studies and performances definition.

October 2018 – July 2019
INFN LNF (Frascati National Laboratories)
> As internship student for my Master Degree I learned a lot about measurements
techniques for material properties, performances and chemical analysis. Among
them Secondary Electron Emission, X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy, Residual
Gas Analysis, Mass Spectroscopy, Physical Deposition, Cryogenics.

MBSE: Model-Based Systems Engineering
> Attended and successfully passed.
> Online course offered by University of Buffalo and State University of New York

2019 -now
University of Rome, La Sapienza
Ph.D. in Accelerator Physics
> In course
> Attended and successfully passed Joint Universities Accelerators School (JUAS)
course I and II at the European School Institute (ESI) in Archamps (France).

2015 -2019
University of Rome, La Sapienza
Master Degree in Space and Astronautical Engineering
> Final Grade: 104/110
> Acquired competences in: Astrodynamics, Fluid Dynamics, Propulsion, Material
Science and Technologies, Space structures and innovative materials, Space
Missions, Electronics, Space Medicine, Space Robotics, Airborne Guidance Systems.

2009 -2015
University of Rome, La Sapienza
Bachelor Degree in Aerospace Engineering
> Final Grade: 107/110
> Acquired Competences in: Physics, Electromagnetism, Chemistry, Computer
Science, Mathematics, Economy, Aerodynamics, Thermodynamics, Mechanical
Structures and Design, Aeronautics and Space Technologies and Subsystems,
Material Science

2004 -2009
High School Diploma (Classical Studies)
> Final grade of 100/100 cum Laude


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